Arbutus Tree

"The root of all health
is in the brain.

The trunk of it is in emotion.

The branches and
leaves are the body.

The flower of health blooms
when all parts work together."

Welcome to better health and wellness!  

The teachings of Oriental Medicine, which have been around for more than 5000 years, recognize that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself when it is “in balance”.

Unfortunately, our bodies are subjected to stress and toxins that accumulate and result in congestion of some of the body’s 14 meridians.  As a result, we experience “symptoms” of the imbalance—pain, illness, disease, or just a sensation that we’re not at our peak—because the body, mind and spirit are not aligned.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Regrettably, sometimes we focus so much on addressing our symptoms that the underlying problems can linger for years. Natural Health Practitioners who are trained in Oriental Bodywork & other techniques focus on helping the body help itself.  These techniques open the body’s pathways and restore natural balance so healing may occur and health may be optimized.

Oriental Bodywork has proven effective for a wide variety of conditions —from shoulder discomfort to sleeplessness.

Believing that there is a complementary relationship among the various bodywork techniques, and realizing that some people may respond better to one technique over another, Carolyn Hamilton has dedicated her career to learning and practicing a variety of Japanese, Chinese and branches of osteopathic bodywork techniques.

Time Out Health Solutions welcomes the opportunity to care for you and your family—to assist you to feel better and support you in your quest for optimal health.   Carolyn’s gentle touch, caring approach, and focused attention appeal to clients young and old.  Please visit the rest of this site to learn more about Time Out Health Solutions and the many services that will put help you to Get Well & Stay Well.

Acupressure/Shiatsu • Orthobionomy • Reflexology • Stone Therapy
Iridology • Applied Kinesiology • Bowen Therapy • Energy Work


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